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About Young Riders School


Young Riders School is a group of enthusiasts that unites different people who dedicate all their free time to developing and popularising equestrian sport in Latvia, organising competitions, telling about Latvian riders’ success in Latvia and abroad for wider public.


We love horses and respect our riders and their success. To become a young rider, as we call ourselves, there are no age, sex or other limits – the main precondition is love towards horses and the will acting in their favour. We, Young Riders School’s team, have different background and experience – some of us rides, some of us designs courses, some of us is a horse owner, and some of us enjoys horses at a distance. Profession and everyday work of many members of our team is very distant from the equestrian sport, horses, and animals as such.

Viktorijas kauss

Our goals are big. We aspire that everybody in Latvia gets to know about the beautiful, majestic and powerful animal – the HORSE. Gets to know and falls in love. We aspire that everybody in Latvia hears about the success of our riders in all the equestrian disciplines. Hears, respects and supports. We aspire that more and more children and youngsters start riding, participate at competitions and strive for great goals in the sport. When young riders would reach the age of grown-ups they would not give up, but would have the will and ability to go forward. Our aim is to become one of the leading equestrian sport centres in the Baltic, where different level competitions are taking place. We believe that by willing, trusting and doing you can reach your goals!


Young Riders School was founded on April 20, 2007. During three years we have hosted six local and four International level competitions, marking out our traditional Latvian Horse Days and the prestigious International competitions recognised by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) CSI1* Baltic Riders Tour.