Stables for rent The Young Riders School has modern stables available for rent – built to European standards with everything you and your horses might need. Riding lessons The Young Riders School offers training to every age group, all year round. The Young Riders School’s own horses and ponies are available for lessons and casual rides. Competition The competitions organised by the Young Riders School have gained great popularity among riders and spectators in the Baltics. The experienced team of organisers makes every effort to run a very successful events.

A place where people meet horses

Welcome to the Young Riders School – a magical place for people familiar with the world of equestrian sports and for anyone taking their first steps towards horseback riding. Horses are a lifelong love that ushers each person into a unique and wonderful world.

Young riders school

The driving goal of the Young Riders School is to promote public interest for horseback riding as an active leisure and sporting activity carried out in nature, and to help people learn and love to communicate with horses – the world’s most majestic and sensitive animals. “We want more children and young people to learn to ride, take part in competitions and strive for excellence in the sport. We want young riders to keep coming back and trying hard once they grow up. We want to become the best riding centre in the Baltics, provide the best training environment and organise regular competitions. We believe that our goals are achievable by wanting, by believing and by doing!”


The driving goal of the Young Riders School


Jauno jātnieku skola sadarbībā ar Latvijas Jātnieku federāciju organizē FEI LEVEL 1 treneru kursus konkūrā. Kursus vadīs pieredzējusi trenere un sportiste Anna Gromzina.  

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  • stables for rent
    • from 370 per month
      • Feeding 3 x a day (hay, grain feed)
      • Daily box cleaning (shaving bedding)
      • Walk in a paddock 1 x day
      • Solarium
      • Warm water wash stalls
      • Use of outdoor arenas and riding halls
      • Other services
  • Riding lessons
    • from 30 to 50
      • Meet a pony
      • Training sessions for children
      • Individual riding lessons for children
      • Jumping lessons for children
      • Training session for an adult
      • Individual riding lesson for an adult
      • Other services
  • Gift card
    • from 25 to 100
      • Choose a value
      • Use for any service
      • Valid for 12 months
      • Purchase online
      • A great gift
      • Easy to order
      • Other advantages;


  • Jauno jātnieku skola turpina skolas nodarbību sezonu! 2.nodarbība - Zirga turēšana un kopšana | 21.februāris. Norise Jauno jātnieku skolā, Inčukalnā. 17:00 - 17:30 | bērniem līdz 6 g.v. 18:00 - 20:00 | visiem interesentiem Nodarbības vadīs Krista Kliesmete un tās notiks reizi mēnesī. Šī

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  • Jauno jātnieku skola sāk skolas nodarbību sezonu! 1.nodarbība - Ievads. Zirgs dabā un stallī. | 24.janvāris. Norise Jauno jātnieku skolā, Inčukalnā. 17:00 - 17:30 | bērniem līdz 6 g.v. 18:00 - 20:00 | visiem interesentiem Nodarbības vadīs Krista Kliesmete Šī ir lieliska iespēja gan bērniem,

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  • Experienced Simas Seilius returns to the Young Riders School with a practical seminar! Over the course of two days, from February 3-4, you will have the opportunity to participate in the seminar as practical participant with a horse or as

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