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About us

The Young Riders School is an association with public benefit organisation status, active since 2007 with the goal of encouraging public interest for active leisure outdoors, and for communion with wonderful animals – horses. Love for horses is the main value, the driver for the right people to come together and accomplish great things with the Young Riders School. Our many years of cooperation have helped each member of the association master their duties, targets and responsibilities.

Just over a decade ago, there was no mention of any horses or riders in the area. A lot has been accomplished here at Zustrenes since then – the 22-hectare estate now includes a number of stables, two enclosed riding halls, two open-air riding arenas, stands for 750 viewers, a cosy house nearby for the people that look after the horses, and a small sauna where many plans, achievements and expectations have been discussed over the years. The Young Riders School is currently among the largest equestrian centres in the Baltics and offers high-quality service to amateurs as well as professionals.

The Young Riders School holds national competitions annually, and has made a tradition with the Latvian Horse Days – an event for entire families that presents the richness of the sport in full glory. Educational workshops are also regularly held for both riders and coaches. For several years, the association has also organised summer camps for children: a great way to spend time outdoors and get to know the wonderful animals.

This small group of horseback riding enthusiasts has been able to prove that riders can engage in this sport in Latvia at a high level of quality, professionalism, and with great accomplishment. Our team is composed of people who feel attachment and love for the horses and the team spirit of the Young Riders School, who are proud to be part of the effort.

The Young Riders School’s vision is to become the most advanced equestrian centre in Eastern Europe. This will take a lot of growth, so the association is ready to invest labour, money and skill in helping this place grow, expand and reach new heights.


Olga Vasiļjeva

Young Riders School coach. Olga’s entire life has been involved with horses. In her youth, she competed successfully, jumping barriers of up to 130 cm. She has been a coach for 20 years, training children and adults at every level of proficiency – from newcomers to experienced riders ready to make 130 cm high jumps. Olga’s prior work experience comes from working with a horse husbandry establishment for 16 years. Her trainees participated in a number of national competitions at various levels and performed well (in both show jumping and dressage) across a variety of athletic classes. Coach Olga believes that results come after achieving a rapport with one’s horse, working with it and treating it with respect. Her goal is to teach people this rapport, and achievements will be sure to follow.

Vita Rozenberga

Coach at the Young Riders School with a Category C sporting specialist’s certificate. Vita predominantly trains children aged 3–18, but age does not really matter – with desire and motivation, everything can be accomplished. In the sport of riding, the horse and its well-being take centre stage, so the training should focus on this as well.

Guna Lazda

Coach at Young Riders School. Has obtained a C-category sports specialist certificate. She has been involved in horse riding since childhood, gaining experience, training at various stables and later training young riders herself. It is believed that a coach should not only be a teacher of a sport, but also a supporting person – a mentor. Successful training is based on cooperation between the horse and the rider, as well as cohesive communication between student, coach and parents.


We currently have 11 horses and ponies at the school available for riding training. They are specially trained to help young and inexperienced riders feel safe and confident during their first few lessons. Love and care for horses are paramount here at the Young Riders School, so we pay a lot of attention to how our horses are doing, and strive to provide the best conditions for them.


National Sports Base

Since its establishment in 2007, the Young Riders School has grown into one of the leading equestrian sports centres in the Baltics. The construction of this sports centre took place under the strict supervision of leading European experts in horseback riding: Peter Van Santvoort and double Olympic champion Piet Raijmaikers. Since 2019, the sports centre has had the status of a National Sports Base, a testament to the high-quality effort delivered by our team: the estate of the Young Riders School meets all requirements for national and international competitions and enables year-round training.

The sports base currently includes two high quality outdoor fields suitable for training and competition. Two covered riding halls allow training in any season. The large estate of the sports centre includes a number of walking trails and recreation places for the whole family, with the option of holding corporate events as well.

Competition field (60 x 90 m);

Warm-up field (35 x 60 m);

Large riding hall (36 x 60 m);

Small riding hall (25 x 60 m);

Two small stables totalling 37 boxes;

Riding hall stables with 38 boxes;

Paddocks for walking horses;

VIP tent and viewer stands;

Vehicle parking;

Cooperation and partners

The Young Riders School is an association with public-benefit organisation status, aiming primarily to promote the sport of riding in Latvia and support the growth of young athletes.
Every year, the association holds a number of showjumping competitions, which have become popular among riders. The competitions gather a large number of participants from the three Baltic states, Europe and the CIS.

The Latvian Horse Days in July have now become a tradition for the Young Riders School. For visitors, this is an event that features exhibition rides, performances and various other attractions and entertainment options. For the athletes and other participants, these are exciting competitions in a number of disciplines – from showjumping and dressage to carriage driving and pony rides. The event is aimed at sharing the diversity and appeal of riding sports with the wider Latvian public.

For several years, the association has organised the “Summer in the Saddle” summer camp, where children come to get acquainted with the majestic animals, learn riding skills, and spend quality time outdoors. Workshops and master classes are also held for athletes and coaches.

We encourage everyone with an interest in horses to support the activities of the Young Riders School. Together, we can achieve great things!