The Young Riders’ Riding School centre was created in 2007 at “Zustrenes” in the region of Inčukalns. The equestrian centre is equipped with two high-quality outdoor sand schools, Latvia’s largest horse arena, with modern spacious stables, which also offer livery for horses. Currently, the equestrian centre is equipped in such a way that it is possible to organise horse-riding competitions at various levels during the summer, as well as winter competitions in the indoor arena.

The love of horses is our bedrock value and motivation, thanks to which the right people got together at the Young Riders’ Riding School and achieved ambitious aims in a short time. Until now, the organisation of horse riding competitions both at the national and international level was the main activity of the company. Our sports centre is constantly developing, qualified professional trainers have joined our team, and now we also offer horse riding lessons and horse rides to children and adults. In addition, horse riding camps and educational seminars are held in the riding school centre, and we offer livery for horses.

The people investing their work in the development of the Young Riders’ Riding School have formed themselves into a team of employees with diverse work experience – one engaged in horse riding, another planning routes, another owning a horse, and yet another who simply admires them from afar, but the Young Riders’ Riding School unites them all, thanks to their common values, aims and thinking:

“We want people in Latvia to learn at long last about these strong, fine and majestic animals. To learn about them and to love them. We want people in Latvia to learn at long last about the achievements of our riders and horsemen in all disciplines. To learn about them, treat them with respect and support them. We want children and young people to go riding more, so that they can take part in competitions and strive for higher achievements in the sport. We want young riders to grow up and not to disappear so that they have the desire and the opportunity to continue what they have started. Our goal is to become one of the leading equestrian centres in the Baltic states, at which competitions at different levels are held. We consider that belief, determination and hard work will lead to the achievement of that goal!”