Elegance and team spirit at Dressage Festival 2023

Over the last weekend Dressage Festival and LEF Cup 2.stage took place at Young Riders school. Beautiful horses and elegant riders took part at different tests starting from entry level up to Grand Prix.

”For the first time we held a two day Dressage competition here at Young Riders school. This format attracted large number of participants, we even had several riders from Estonia and Lithuania, which gave an international competition feeling. I was happy to see that the number of riders has increased at higher difficulty tests like Prix St.George and Intermediate I as well as at the entry level. This means that the number of riders is increasing and more experienced riders continue to develop and compete at higher level,” comments Zane Josta, director of Young Riders school.

On Saturday riders competed at 11 different tests. Young horses, children, test for ponies and open classes from Test Nr.1 up to Grand Prix. Tests were ridden according to the competition protocol.

”It was the first time we competed at Young Riders school’s organized competitions. I was really surprised about facilities and venue. There are all conditions to organize really big competitions,” tells Sandra Sysojeva, one of leading Lithuanian riders.


On Sunday spectators had the chance to watch Freestyle tests with music. These tests are different, because riders have to make their own choreography, including specific elements and performing with music. The main class – Grand Prix Freestyle test was won by Latvian rider Elza Zake with horse A Splash of Class, gaining 67,159%. Second place went to Airisa Penele riding Quince (66,717%), third place Elena Tretjakova riding Idalgo (61,375%).


Lithuanian rider Sandra Sysojeva had a particularly successful competition, winning the Small tour and Medium tour Freestyle tests on Sunday. “I took part in the Medium tour test with the horse Found Boy, it was a good preparation before the international starts. In the Small tour, I competed with the 7-year-old horse Lucky Look, who does not have much experience yet, but shows good quality. I am also very happy about the starts of my daughter Emily in this competition, who participated with her two ponies.”


”It was my second time competing in Young Riders School. From the first time I was there I already loved it and the quality of organization has not lowered the bar. I really like how everything is very close, the atmosphere of the arenas give you a feeling of a very big competition, the footing of the arenas is absolutely fantastic, food was delicious and people were so friendly and helpful. I am very happy about my own results. I was able to achieve my personal best both days at Intermediate I level riding Kaliber. I would recommend everyone to go compete at Young Riders School,” about competition says Estonian rider Riin Ingre Saare. There were 11 Estonian riders with 13 horses, and 4 Lithuanian riders with 6 horses. Here at our facilities we can provide boxes for up to 90 horses during competition which makes transport arrangements easier.


To create an extra festive feeling, Team competition was also included in the schedule. Teams of three riders were nominated and the winner of two day ranking was ”Meitenes Zeltenes” (S.E.Apsite, A.Muizniece, E.Daubure). Hobby horse competition was also held on Sunday and spectators and variety of other entertainment was offered.

”Dressage Festival 2023 was unforgettable event! Very nice and friendly atmosphere, responsive and understanding organizers, and of course a wonderful place to spend two days of competition. The most vivid memories are definitely from the team competition, how much we supported and sympathized with each other to win the much-coveted 1st place. I myself started with three horses, which also felt comfortable and were relatively calm, being at new venue. Huge thanks to Young Riders School! We will definitely come here again!” Sintija E. Apsite shares her impressions.


We want to thank all participants, supporters, judges and spectators. And see you all very soon – from June 30 to July 2 during Youth Cup 2023!


Special thanks goes to: LEF, Skandi Motors, Back in Balance Fizioterapija prakse, Dr.Spiller kosmētika, Oshee Latvia, Spēka Rotas, Skrīveru Saldumi, Nela Gems, Ippeas zirglietas, Cremon Vīnu darītava, Manamzirgam.lv, Equine Paradise, Soul massage (Ance Polāne), Very berry.



Beautiful pictures form the event can be found at our gallery: