Veiksmīgi aizvadīts seminārs iejādē

Successfully completed Dressage seminar

Over the past weekend we had the pleasure to welcome Justina Vanagaite and Agnė Uzdavinyte for the seminar ‘’How to succeed in dressage’’. During these two days, participants had the chance to repeat the theory of dressage riding, gain a deeper view of the most common issues from different perspectives and try their hand at judging performances.


‘’It is often very hard to find the perfect balance between theory, experience, practical skills and discussons. And I think this seminar managed to do all that. I hope everyone found something new and inspiring to think about, and enjoyed the opportunity to look at things from different perspectives. This seminar was very valuable to riders from all disciplines. Definitely need repeating!’’ Zane Čeredņičenko.


‘’This was my second time attending Young Riders school’s event. The seminar was very well organized. The audience was surprisingly active, so it was a pleasure to work with them. Thanks for the opportunity to participate,’’ Justina Vanagaite.


‘’The idea for this seminar was to bridge the gap between judges, riders and trainers and to explain the main principles of judging a test. The goal is to give riders a tool to improve their scores by being smarter in how they ride some of the exercises or where they should make some improvements. I find it important to involve auditors in a discussion, so we asked them to try their hand at judging and comments were welcomed regarding any questions. The collaboration with Justina came as a sort of coincidence when we discussed the seminar in our dressage committee, and I think it ended up as a successful concept of looking at the same things from two different perspectives, with a complimentary feel to it, rather then opposition. I think this is a good example of riders, trainers and judges working as a team to improve overall quality of horsemanship in the Baltics,’’ Agnė Uzdavinyte


This year Young Riders school has planned several more seminars for riders and trainers. Information about the events will be shared on website and our social media accounts. Follow us!