According to Veterinary requirements of the Latvian Equestrian Federation (4. point Horse Passport and Horse Identification and its sub-paragraphs) and FEI general regulations Chapter V, Article 137 – Horse Passports and Microchips, point 1 and 7 (regulations effective starting from 1 January 2009),

we are informing that it is a mandatory requirement that all horses who are applied for a competition, must have a valid Horse Passport with all the required vaccinations. Horses who will not meet the requirements, will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

1. Every Horse entered for any Competition at CIMs in a country other than the country of the Horse’s residency, and all Horses entered for other CIs, FEI Championships, Regional, Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, at all times, must have an official, valid FEI passport, or a national passport approved by the FEI and inserted inside an FEI Recognition Card. In the case of Horses permanently resident in a Member State of the European Union, all Horses must have an acceptable national EU approved passport in compliance with Commission Regulations, to which an FEI recognition card is applied. The exception to the latter being the posse 

7. If any Horse arrives at a CI, FEI Championship, Regional Games or Olympic Games without an FEI and/or national passport with an FEI Recognition Card, or if its FEI or national passport is inaccurate, it must not be allowed to compete unless the Appeal Committee (or the Ground Jury if there is no Appeal Committee) gives its approval. Only in exceptional circumstances may a Horse without an FEI or national passport or without an FEI Recognition Card be allowed to compete.

Veterinary requirements of Latvian Equestrian Federation

FEI General Requirements

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