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XI Latvian Horse Days Programme


Latvian Horse Days is an open-air event for families for the whole day! A cafe, a fair for handicrafts and delicacies, a chance to ride and take pictures with ponies, a face painting workshop for children, as well as lotteries and contests with interesting prizes for all spectators during both days of the event!


Saturday, starts at 9:00 a.m.


  • Obstacles height 120 cm, speed competition. (Competition No. 7) The winner is the rider who completes the course in the shortest possible time and without penalty points or with the lowest number of penalty points.


  • Obstacles height up to 130 cm, in 2 phases. (Competition No. 8) If an athlete completes the first part (phase) of the course without faults, he may continue the course. The participant who knocks down an obstacle in the first phase drops out of the contest.
  • Excursions to the stables. Within a short time frame, a determined group of equestrian sports enthusiasts has completely transformed a potato field in order to prove that in Latvia this sport can be practised qualitatively, professionally and successfully. See and feel this change by participating in excursions to the equestrian centre that would be interesting for both adults and children. During the excursion you will go around the territory and see the largest riding arena in Latvia, outdoor sand arenas, horse stables, a wonderful landscape, relax in nature’s lap, and get acquainted with the school’s inhabitants – horses and ponies.
  • Obstacles height from 140 cm, contest „Strength and skill”. (Competition No. 9 ) The aim of this competition is to demonstrate the horse’s ability to clear 4 to 6 different obstacles. Officially international high-jump competitions in the equestrian sport are named after the French word for “power” –“puissance”. High jump competitions will be held on the outdoor arena and on the riding arena. They usually involve five rounds where horses jump over one or more show jumping obstacles and the last – the highest obstacle. In each round, the obstacle is raised until the best rider/horse pair who clears the maximum height is identified.
  • Obstacles height 105 cm, speed competition demonstrates the horse’s agility and speed. (Competition No. 10) The winner is the rider who completes the course in the shortest possible time and without penalty points.
  • Obstacles height 110 cm, in 2 phases. (Competition No. 11) If an athlete completes the first part (phase) of the course without faults, he may continue the course. The participant who knocks down an obstacle in the first phase drops out of the contest.


  • Riding a pony for kids and face painting. All young visitors are invited to our kids’ corner to the face painting master classes where the artist will paint the children’s faces allowing them to get the feel of different animals! Pony rides around the pond will take place all day long!


Sunday, starts at 9:00 a.m.

·         Obstacles height 65 cm (70cm 12B). (Competition No. 12)

12A – Challenge Cup. For riders over 25 years old – horse breeders, grooms, trainers, judges, assistants, carriage drivers and dressage athletes, veterinarians, and other participants who have never or at least for the last 5 years have not participated in show jumping ranking courses.

12B – no restrictions (70cm)


  • Vaulting demonstration (acrobatics on horseback)


  • Relay race for riders (with ponies) and grooms. (Competition No. 13)


  • Agility dog show. Agility is a sport for dogs, the “little friends” of horses, its rules to a certain extent are similar to the show jumping rules. For example, only a handler without a dog can inspect the course of the agility competition. The task on the competition course is to complete the route in the shortest possible time and without faults. It only seems easy at a casual glance – on the competition route handlers can only give dogs a voice command or a hand signal, dogs run free, without a leash. There is also a certain order of clearing the obstacles in the agility competitions. Dogs of various size, age, gender, pedigree and non-pedigree dogs can participate in the competition. Depending on their size and age, they compete in different groups.


  • Obstacles height up to 105 cm Speed and Music (Competition No. 14)

The riders take part in the competitions in colourful glamorous attire – ladies in fancy blouses and dresses, and gentlemen in bright shirts. The riders will complete the course to the music of their choice. The choice of the attire is an opportunity to get creative and make the event colourful. The competition organisers have prepared prizes for the ladies and gentlemen dressed in the most interesting and fun outfits.


  • “Horse School” demonstration.


  • Dressage (Competition No. 15) Freestyle programme. Dressage. If we look for a comparison for dressage, the most suitable sport would be figure skating, as in dressage a horse guided by a rider also performs certain movements in certain places of the arena. The horse’s dance is evaluated by the judges of the competition who assign each movement a score. These are competitions in kür, i.e. freestyle programme, in which the riders create their own scheme, i.e. a dance, and start to the music of their choice.


  • Dressage for pairs (Competition No. 16) – musical kür for Grade III.

The scheme starts with two riders and two horses that simultaneously perform the same movements. In order to successfully present themselves in a freestyle programme for pairs, the riders need to be very skilful and have to invest a lot of work in preparation, because in this programme they not only need to feel their horse, but also see what their fellow rider is doing. The competitions for pairs are very elegant and exciting. In the freestyle programme for pairs, athletes also start to the music of their choice.


  • Trotter demonstration.


  • Carriage driving. Marathon for horse and pony singles in obstacle cone driving. (Competition No. 17)

17 A – Horse single (4-year old and older)

17 B – Pony single (4-year old and older)

17 C – Children Class (10 – 14 years old)


  • Carriage parade for the participants of the competitions.


  • RIDE and DRIVE. (Competition No. 18) Favourite and most expected competition of the Latvian Horse Days, which is the least serious of all competitions. The participants start in pairs – one completes the course riding a horse, for speed and accuracy, the other one completes the course driving a tractor, for speed. The arena is divided into two parts, and two competing duets start at the same time. The participants wear masks, and each team has a special team name.

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