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Young Riders School closes the season

15 and 16 September, a double holiday at the sports complex of the Young Riding School – closing of Round III of the Young Riders School tournament, which has also closed an active competition season of this year where the best rider 2018 who will travel to Madrid with “Vanilla Travel” has been determined. The other important event in the sports centre of the Young Riders School is the opening of new stables, which will allow keeping more horses on site, and riders and horses will be able to train on professional completion courses.


Athletes have accumulated points in 5 competitions of 3 rounds of the Young Riders School tournament. The winner in the pony class Evita Jansone with Princis, JSK “Imakas”, will go to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, the only institution in the world, which continues to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition; the cup 2018 of the Young Riders School in the age group under 16 receives Tina Dreimane from JJSK “Mezdruva 1”. Guntars Silins with the horse Izaks from “Mezstrazdiņi” has won the cup 2018 of the Young Riders School in the competition for young horses. Elīna Kalniņa from JS “Valmiermuiža” has won the 1st place in the overall ranking of the cup 2018 of the Young Riders School in the age group under 25. This year the main prize of the Young Riders School tournament – “The Best Rider 2018” (completed a 135 cm high obstacle) – will go to Estonia, to Annika Veerpalu from RK “Noo”.


“In general, the 2018 season was a success, especially the last round with a surprising number of participants. I think the reason is that the riders appreciate us and the infrastructure of the sports complex, which we are improving every year – yesterday we opened new stables in addition to already existing ones. We are grateful to our partners and sponsors for support and prizes to the riders and their horses. We are really happy with the growing number of sponsors, it stimulates the development of the equestrian sport, which is reflected in the achievements of the young riders of the school – we see how young riders from our school are improving and this year they were ready from the “Conduction tasks” to take the first steps in the large courses with 40 cm high obstacles. Taking into consideration the great interest of participants in matches, it will be possible that next year we will have to change the concept of the competitions and organize the competitions for three days – we will announce it before opening the season. But before that we are planning to see everyone in the winter in our new riding hall”, tells about the season 2018 and outlines the plans for the future the Member of the Board of the Young Riders School Elīna Dzenuško.


The course designer Ivo Miķelsons tells about the competition courses: “It was a challenging job for me to design so different courses and build them up for each level of athletes, so that each participant would be interested, and at the same time the courses should not be too difficult. During the summer season, the skills of horses and riders have grown. As many starts as this year mean that the riders and their horses like the Young Riders School sports complex. For this round, more difficult courses have been designed for each category, at the same time, it should be not just a lesson, but also a pleasure. Latvian athletes still have a lot to do to reach the European level and to be able to represent the country on a European and global scale, but it is a pleasure that the young generation is growing and training”.


Sponsors of the competition: Latvian Equestrian Federation, Inčukalns County Municipality, Vanilla Travel, “ARS”, Balticovo, British Horse Society, “Abavas” winery, Paulig, equestrian store „Kentaurs”, Knauf, Very Berry, equestrian store „Zirgu stallis”, „Havens”, ,Radio Tev, Radio Skonto, What Car?, Profi, Pien Spa, Eggersmann, and Torpol Baltija.

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