The Young Riders’ Riding School gives horse riding lessons the whole year round to all age groups. For hacking and horse riding lessons we supply the horses and ponies of the Young Riders’ Riding School, and we provide the opportunity to use the arena and outdoor sand schools, as well as the services of trainers at the Young Riders’ Riding School, to private owners of their own horses. Horse riding lessons are available both to those wishing to relax in the saddle at the end of the week, and to those having more ambitious aims in this sport. Horse riding lessons are given both in the outdoor sand schools and in the indoor arena, show jump sets are available. Horse riding lessons are conducted under the supervision of accredited trainers. Our trainers will make sure they help you choose the most suitable training method for you and your horse – we give lessons in the disciplines of jumping (show-jumping) and dressage.


Horse riding lessons for adults

Horse riding lessons for adults We give horse riding lessons for adults with previous training and without it. You can have lessons on the school horses and on your own horses, accompanied by professional trainers. Price list for adults Horse/pony rides out in the sand school: € 25.00 Jumping (show-jumping) lesson on a school horse: € 35.00 Horse riding lesson...

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Horse riding lessons for children

Children’s horse riding lessons are available both for those who have already been in the saddle and for those wishing to go horse riding for the first time. For the youngest riders, we can provide the ponies from our school, they are friendly and have already got used to children. For older children for whom ponies are already too small,...

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Trainer services at competitions

Competitions are invariably an exciting event even for experienced riders, and any outside support is always welcome. For that reason, we provide the services of the trainers at the Young Riders’ Riding School for competitions held in the Young Riders’ Riding School centre, and it is also possible for the trainer to go to competitions held outside of the school....

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