Horse stables rental for young horses - Special Offer

The Young Riders’ Riding School is proud to offer the horse stables for rent, primarily for the young horses and capacity of up to 130 guest horses in total (in closed and open-type summer stables). We’re among the best European horse stables which are built according to the high European standards.

Horse stables – equipment & capacity

The Young Riders’ Riding School is equipped with 2 bright, spacious stables. The stalls for the horses are equipped with a mechanical drinker, a hayrack, a special container for salt, there is a window and in each stall that provides access to light and fresh air. Shavings are used for bedding on the floors of the stalls. The stables also have a wardrobe with underfloor heating for riders, a room for feed, a utility room with washing machines in which you can wash rugs, and a new appliance – a sunroom for horses – has been installed in the stables!

Up to 76 horses can be accommodated in the closed-type stable. Also during competitions, competitors’ horses can be put in 2 open-type summer stables, with bedding made from shavings, we can accommodate up to 130 guest horses overall. In the stable grounds, there are several turns out paddocks, the horses are turned out every day for a walk in the open air. Where necessary, the horses are covered with rugs. We are giving you the chance of keeping your horse in the stables of the Young Riders’ Riding School.

Location, Services, Surroundings

Our sports center is located only 60km away from Riga International Airport and only 30 minutes drive from our capital city Riga. It is easily accessible by car within 1 hour. We offer transfer services to/from the airport, as well as transfer to the capital city Riga. We have wonderful 4* hotels with access to the SPA located in Sigulda city, within 15 minutes drive from our location. Sigulda is on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley. Because of the reddish Devonian sandstone which forms steep rocks and caves on both banks of the river, Sigulda has been called the «Switzerland of Latvia”. Transfer to/from the hotel also available.

What’s included?

Horse stable for rent, Riga — Horses are fed 3 times a day (hay, concentrates);
— There is always water and salt in the stall;
— The stalls are mucked out every day (shavings as bedding);
— Free run in the paddock;
— Use of the arena and paddocks for horse riding lessons;
— Horse shower space;
— Solarium for horses;
— Bathing in the local pound;
— Heated tack room;
— Locker room with locker;
— Showers, WC for visitors;
— Blacksmith every 6 weeks;
— Horse dentist 1 time/year;
— Veterinary check 1 time/year;
— Deworming 2 times/year;
— Horse rider (for 3+ y.o.) and any other requirements for an additional price.

APPLY ONLINE NOW  – or –  contact us for more detailed information.

PRICE: from 600 €/per month