Spacious outdoor sand schools and the largest indoor arena in Latvia Among Latvian riders and horsemen, the Young Riders’ Riding School is renowned for the high quality of its outdoor sand schools created in according to the latest trends in the construction of outdoor sand schools, as well as for its premier indoor arena in which training in horse riding and winter competitions are held. In order that we can provide our clients with comprehensive training in horse riding and make high-class competitions possible, the sand schools and the arena are equipped with show jump sets and the appropriate equipment. The sport school provides three outdoor sand schools, two of which are suitable for daily lessons and warm-ups during competitions, and one of which is used each season for competitions at a local and international scale, which attract hundreds of participants and spectators from all the Baltic countries. The riding school offers the chance to rent the arena and sand schools for riders and owners of horses not kept in the stables of the Young Riders’ Riding School.



Rent for use of the arena/outdoor sand school for one horse: € 25.00 The consultants for the construction of the arena and sand schools at the Young Riders’ Riding School are leading European experts in the field of equestrian sport! Pete Raijmakers, two times Olympic champion from the Netherlands ( Peter Van Santvoort is a leading European expert in the field of sand school construction for horse riding, the owner of an equestrian centre in the Netherlands ( The Belgian company Domo, which has more than 20 years’ experience in the production of sports surfaces (