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YRS show jumping tournament



Date and venue: August 27-29, 2021, at 9:00. Inčukalna par., „Zustrenes”, Sports Centre of the Young Riders School
Organisers: The competition is organized by Young Riders School in cooperation with the Latvian Equestrian Federation (LEF)
Ground jury – Inga Miķelsone, Anna Stafecka
Course designer –Ivo Miķelsons, Egils Broks
Competition arena – dimensions 60m x 90m, warm up arena – 35m x 60m, sand footing
Information:, +371 28677177; +371 27328496



Friday, starts at 9:00 a.m

Warm up day

Competition No.1 – Obstacles height 60 cm; open
Competition No.2 – Obstacles height 80 cm; open
Competition No.3 – Obstacles height 100 cm; open
Competition No.4 – Obstacles height 110 cm; open
Competition No.5 – Obstacles height 120 cm; open

These classes are for training purpose and introduction to the arena. Class is open to all riders and horses. After finishing the course, a rider can make up to 5 additional jumps without extra fee. Rider must notify judge or steward.


Saturday, starts at 9:00 a.m.


Competition No. 6 – Obstacles height 60 cm, ideal time, open class.
Competitions with a time norm, which is called “ideal time”. Penalty points for failure to achieve the “ideal time” are not awarded. If the “ideal time” is exceeded, then one penalty point is awarded for each four seconds that have begun. Other errors are evaluated according to table A.
The best result will have the athlete whose result – penalty points, the difference between the made time and the “ideal time” – is the smallest. If penalty points and the difference are the same, the best result is for a participant who has not exceeded the ideal time. Other athletes are ranked by penalty points and the time difference between the made time and the “ideal time”.

Competition No. 7 – Obstacles height 80 cm, ideal time, open class.

Competition No. 8 – Obstacles height 100 cm, special 2 phases (Art. 274.2.5.), competitor must finish both phases to get points:
8A – for riders up to 14 years old (birth year 2007 or younger)
(Prizes in kind)
8B – open class (ranking class for amateurs).
(Prize fund 230 EUR: 60, 50, 40, 30, 25, 25)

Competition No. 9 – Obstacles height 110 cm, speed competition (Art. 238.2.1):
9A – juniors (Prize fund 190 EUR: 50, 35, 30, 25, 25, 25)
9B – open class (Prize fund 240 EUR: 60, 50, 40, 30, 30, 30)

Competition No. 10 – Obstacles height 120 cm, speed competition (Art. 238.2.1)
10A – U 25 (Prize fund 240 EUR: 60, 50, 40, 30, 30, 30)
10B – open class (Prize fund 330 EUR: 80, 70, 60, 40, 40, 40)



Sunday, starts at 9:00 a.m.


9.00. Competition No. 11 – Competition with evaluation. Conduction tasks for children with I and II group ponies/horses (walking, trotting). For riders who have not participated in show jumping competitions in 2019/2020, and first season ponies/horses.

Competitions 11 and 12 will take place at the same time!

9.00. Competition No. 12 – Obstacles height 60 cm. special 2 phases competition (Art. 274.2.5.), competitor must finish both phases to get points. Course for riders up to 16 years old (birth year 2005 or younger) with I and II group ponies.

Competition No. 13 – Obstacles height 80 cm. Ideal time. Open class.

Competition No. 14 – Obstacles height 100 cm, speed competition (Art. 238.2.1.)

14A – amateurs (Prize fund 230 EUR: 60, 50, 40, 30, 25, 25)

14B – open class (Prize fund 230 EUR: 60, 50, 40, 30, 25, 25)

Competition No. 15 – Obstacles height 110 cm, special 2 phases (Art. 274.2.5.), competitor must finish both phases to get points, open class (Prize fund 240 EUR: 60, 50, 40, 30, 30, 30)

Competition No. 16 – Obstacles height 125 cm, special 2 phases (Art. 274.2.5.), competitor must finish both phases to get points, open class (Prize fund 360 EUR: 100, 70, 60, 50, 40, 40)

Competition No. 17 – Obstacles height up to 130 cm, competition with one jump off (Art. 238.2.2.), open class (Prize fund 440 EUR: 120, 90, 70, 60, 50, 50)


Award ceremony
The participants should appear at the award ceremony with ponies/horses. In special cases, the Chief Jury, in consultation with the Organising Committee, may authorize a participant to appear at the award ceremony without a horse. The number of athletes required to present themselves for the prize-giving ceremony of each competition is 6.
In competition No. 6, 7 and 13 placed riders will receive diplomas and rosettes.
In competition No. 11 all participants will receive rosettes, diplomas and presents upon completion of the course.
In competition No. 8A and No.12, placed riders will receive diplomas, rosettes, and prizes from competition sponsors.
In competition No. 8B to No. 10, and competition No.14 to 17, placed riders will receive diplomas, rosettes, prizes from competition sponsors and money prizes.

Prize money will be transferred to the winners bank account!
Please fill in a form for money transfer at the show office.




Athletes aged 7 and older are allowed to participate in this tournament according to goverment restrictions.

In competition No.12 applications with horses out of the competition will not be accepted. When applying for participation in open classes up to and including 100 cm, please mark whether the rider starts with a horse or a pony.

Applications should be submitted by 20:00, Wednesday, August 25, by filling in an application form via Equipe Entry system The application will not be registered unless all required fields are completed. Claims for entry registration will not be accepted unless a confirmation email for entry registration is presented! If your application is accepted, you will get notification e-mail from Equipe system.

Organiser can close application form before time, according to capacity of competition venue.
If applications are submitted after 20:00 August 25, entry fee will be doubled.

Starting order will be published on the website and Equipe App.


Entry fee:
Competition No.1 – 5: 10,- EUR,
Competition No. 6,7, 11,12,13: 15,— EUR,
Competition No. 8 – 10, 14 — 17: 30,- EUR


Box rent: 60,- EUR (August 26-29) or 25,- EUR / per day (limited number available)

Also available:
Shavings – 8,00 EUR / bale
Hay – 8,00 EUR / small bale; 40,00 EUR / large roll
Electricity for trailer: 25,00 EUR per competitions.

Arrivals allowed from Thursday, August 26 16:00. Please provide planned arrival time in the entry form.


Entry fees paid by bank transfer should be made until August 25, 24:00.
If payment is made at the day and place of competition venue, additional start fee of 5, -EUR per start will be added to invoice! Only cash payments available at the venue.


Registration No. 40008114442
Bank: AS Swedbank
No.: LV19HABA0551017883565



The participants take personal responsibility for possible incidents during the competitions. Participants up to 16 years old must have protective vests. The ARS Emergency Medical Service and a veterinarian will be on duty during the competition.
Competitors must comply with the LEF Latvia veterinary requirements ( Valid horse passports must be presented with all necessary veterinary records and vaccinations of horses (INAN examinations and vaccination of equine influenza), passports will be checked! If a horse passport is not presented, or any mandatory vaccination is missing, the horse will not be admitted to the competition, and the entry fee will not be refunded!
Any situations that have not been mentioned in the Rules will be resolved by the Judges and the Organiser.
By participating in the competition, you agree that the event will be filmed and photographed. The images resulting from the photography/video filming may be broadcast, published and distributed.


Competitors and supporting staff must comply with the Latvian government restrictions regarding Covid-19 pandemic.



Supporters: Latvijas Jātnieku Federācija, Inčukalna novada dome,“ARS”, British Horse Society, Paulig, ACB, Knauf, Radio Tev, Radio Skonto, What Car?, Profi. Havens, Rāmkalni, veikals Zirgu stallis,, Vesels zirgs, Dodson & Horrell,, Decathlon Latvija, Back in balance. Lind’Equestrian, Very Berry.

Jauno jātnieku skola - ,,Zustrenes'', Inčukalna pag., LV-241